Friday, June 22, 2012

New Updates from BA

Shower Time-If your wife or significant other tells you to hire a tile person, DO IT! This was the hardest part so far of the entire project. I will pay someone for the master shower next time. For those of you who think you can do this kind of house building on your own, I would consider the already pre fab shipping containers ready to go. It might cost twice as much as we have spent, but it would be worth it. Start out with a prefab, and then add on yourself. I still have 3 pieces of tile to put in, as well as the skylight and the ceiling. I am not looking forward to it.

Taking Time Out To Play-
As a bow hunter, it is impartible that we keep up our archery skills for the Zombie Apocalypse. Here are some pics of some fun activities on the ranch. If anyone knows where to get cheap mannequins, please let us know. I want to have a Zombie Archery Range. Ohh, what fun!

I had just got the deer to come eat at our feeder filled with yummy protein, when the wind knocked it down and took out the timer and the solar charger. Look at my post to come this weekend with pics of the great deer we have, as well as some local critters. I will be fixing the feeder in the next couple of weeks. I think I will also put out water for them. We have two 8 point bucks, two 6 point bucks, a spike, and 3 does. I will also post a you tube video on how to make a wind turbine, solar water heater, which I built this trip, and one on homeade septic system building. Check back soon.

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