Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We live here now!

Well, the most ironic thing about living full-time at BaHa Ranch is that I currently have very little time to blog about living full-time at BaHa Ranch! Here's a quick update on the work we've been doing since we moved down here on Saturday, May 12th:

Grey paint with sand texture added in. This is the living room wall.

Bright blue paint on the smallest wall of the bedroom.
Our old entertainment center has been re-purposed as a dresser!

I love this grey paint! It looks so soft...

The tiny fridge!
Also notice the wall behind it - OSB on top and tin roof below.
Wood flooring on top with tin roofing applied vertically.

We have a front door! Here is BA installing the doorknob.

Outside view of the door.

BA still has to finish upper part of wood panneling (which is actually wood flooring).

All the paint shown is either from the "oops paint" at Lowe's or from the Habitat store. The wood flooring that was used on the walls is also from Habitat, as is the front door. And the tiny fridge is a refurbished one from a Sear's outlet.

That's all for now! There is much much more to blog about, so I'll write more as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!

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