Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Tiny Fridge (and other big adjustments)

Living full-time at BaHa Ranch is going to be quite an adjustment for both of us. Because of the small space, we bought a tiny refrigerator. I'd show you a picture, but it's already down there and I'm not. Basically, it's the kind of fridge that you probably had if you ever lived in a dorm. We're going to have to become wiser about buying groceries that need refrigeration, and that's a good thing! Probably half the things in our refrigerator right now have been there for much too long, and the other half doesn't even need to be in there.

Another thing we'll have to adjust to is the lack of light switches. I wonder how many times I'll walk into the bathroom in the middle of the night and swipe my hand against the wall next to the door? I've had years and years of being conditioned to the fact that that's what you do when you want a light to come on. Here's the lighting system at BaHa Ranch:

The three white solar lamps that you see in this picture are our current lighting system.
These three will soon be joined by the six additional lights that we recently purchased.
They operate by pulling a string at the bottom, and actually put out quite a bit of light!

And laundry. Oh dear, I think I have the most anxiety about the laundry! We have a washer and dryer, nothing fancy, but they work great and I am accustomed to using them. However, in the interest of using less electricity, I'm going to start using a solar-powered clothes dryer (AKA: a clothesline). And to wash the clothes? We may try to hook up the washer and use a water-conservation technique that utilizes the rinse water from one load to fill the wash cycle of the next load. If that doesn't work, I saw this on Amazon:

Product Image
The Manual Washer Hand-washing machine
Product Details And, I have a nice big plastic bucket that would work to manually wash clothes in. Plus, I've already bought some Octagon soap, which is supposedly great for manually washing clothes. 


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