Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another quick update...

Here I am on a borrowed computer once again. The internet seems to be a rare bird in our neck of the woods - most people use air cards or satellite internet, so we're still trying to decide what kind of service would be best for us. I somehow got grout in my eye this morning, but I'm such a trouper that I'm going to post a quick update for ya'll anyway.

The bedroom, with it's bright bird and tree theme.

I painted the kitchen wall to match the smaller wall of the living room.

I added sticky vinyl floor tiles to the sink counter to further waterproof it.

BA building our Ikea kitchen cabinet, after assembling and mounting our fold-out table (on the wall in front of him).
Say what you like about Ikea, but they do know how to design for small spaces!

Smallest closet I've ever had (and I have to share it with BA!)

Living room

My carpet from Habitat.

The Ikea cabinet.

Used records from Half-Price Books. BA did this, and I love love love it!

Other side of cabinet.

My purple, black-out, insulated curtains.

The rug brings it all together!
And that's it for now! I'm logging off this borrowed computer - we're at a barbeque at my father-in-law's house, and I don't want to seem antisocial! I'll post more when I can...

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