Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BA Projects (BAjects?)

Over the weekend, I did some solo work on the box:

I finished the bedroom wall by adding plank flooring as paneling. It took a lot of trim nails to put this up since the Locktite did not work as expected. These nails bend easily to the wood. I suggest finding another way. We will blow in some cellulose insulation behind the wall to finish it before we put up the last planks. 


I added OSB 2x4 size I got from Habitat for a dollar a piece and screwed it to the studs. There will be a window put on this wall at a later time. On the wall above the sink, I put up grey bamboo planks to go with the soon to be grey kitchen. It was $5 a box at Habitat. We will have to order some more from the flooring store to finish. I added some cellulose insulation to the ceiling of this area, which was very dirty and dusty. Next time we will use solid foam found at Habitat in sheets 4 and 2 inches thick. 

We used tin sheeting from Lowes for the bottom section of the kitchen and living room wall.  The top we are thinking of painting unless you send us some better suggestions. I was thinking of using used license plates, comic book pages with a sheet of plastic covering them or some coating to protect them? - BA

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