Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Say hello to my little friend...

Something wonderful happened over the weekend! Our home somehow doubled in size! OK, so it wasn't some magic trick (alchemy anyone?) or asexual reproduction - instead, we found a great deal on another container. Here it is:

We still weren't able to get it up on the blocks, even with a truck. Maybe the blocks were a bad idea. I guess we should have done some more research on how we'd get them on there before we had them poured. But, you live and learn...I guess it's still pretty cool to have our own mini-Stonehenge.

So here they are - Box 1 and Box 1's new BFF, Box 2!

That's all for now! BA did more work over the weekend, so I'll post again soon! We have soon cool new pics to show you.

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