Friday, March 8, 2013

Chicks of BaHa Ranch

A Rhode Island Red pullet, eating out of my hand.
These were born the third week of October.

Our first four girls, three Rhode Island Reds and a Silkie
(The Silkie passed away at about 2 weeks old)

Sleeping in their box under the heat lamp

They aren't as cute when they grow up, but they are still pretty cute!
And full of personality...

The third one wouldn't pose with the other two.

We handle them a lot to keep them tame.
They're kinda like big feathery cats.

The newest babies: Two Silver-laced Wyandottes
These were born the last week of January

They're getting their feathers, and going through that "awkward" stage.
They have an alcove where they are separated from the Reds, for now. 

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