Saturday, March 31, 2012

Floors and the Great Outdoors

Over spring break, I painted the floor, which is new OSB over the original metal sub-floor.

"Storm" by Benjamin Moore - this was my $6/gallon paint from Habitat

I think I painted myself and my clothes as much as I painted the floor...

I was much more careful when I stained the deck, thanks to the copious warning labels.
We found this tinted, waterproof stain in the "oops paint" at Lowe's for $5.00, reduced from $35.00!

BA actually did have a reason to be on the roof - he's bolting the metal to the internal wooden frame.

Then (industrious guy that he is) he started building another shed.

This shed and the new deck are made from the wood that Building Community gave us.

They also gave us the white door. Very sweet people!

Gave me flashbacks to being in Professor Synar's sculpture class (in a good way).
She's the person who taught me how to turn old pallets into usable wood.
(These pieces will be sanded and stained to make decorative wooden tiles.) 

The future front door (and some other stuff)

You might also notice a folding door hardware kit leaning against the door above. I used this kit (which came with absolutely no useful instructions) to take two used 1/2 doors and turn them into a single, hinged folding door for the bathroom. I need to clean it up and paint it, then I'll post a picture. I did change the knobs already (they were brass. ick.) by painting a couple of extra drawer pulls and screwing them onto the door. 

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