Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Progress, y'all!

We made some major progress over spring break. Here are a few of the things we did:

The ceiling - we were just going to paint inside and out with insulating paint until we spent one stormy night in the box. I've never tried to sleep inside of a drum set, but I think the two experiences would be quiet similar.  So, here's the ceiling and what we did to it:

Bare metal ceiling

2x6 beams bracketed to the wall frames


Drywall (taped and floated!)

In addition to the ceiling, we also worked on the bathroom:

Yes, there is a surfboard in the bathroom...needless to say, here's the "before" picture!

We added plastic sheeting behind the framing to keep condensation from building
up in the (yet to be installed) insulation.

In order to have the slope needed for a greywater drain,
BA built a raised base for the shower pan.

BA adding that concrete/drywall stuff to the shower walls.

I did this =) It's not finished yet - I'm going to go around the edges
with deep grey wood tiles, and the inner square will be finished in either the
 same wood, or some coordinating ceramic tiles.

There's much, much more, but right now, I've got to put my brain on and go to class. Check back soon for more pictures - we did sooooooo many projects. And we've got the bumps, bruises, and scrapes to show for it! But, most importantly, we're finally making some real progress here!

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